Procurement opportunities on this page may be limited to projects advertised directly by the  Niagara Falls Water Board.  Water Board bids prepared and let through the City of Niagara Falls Purchasing Division or by the City of Niagara Falls Engineering Department may not be posted here, but are available through those entities and advertised in the Niagara Gazette.

Invitations to Bid


Requests for Proposals


RFP 2020-01: Grant Consultant: Grant Research, Writing, and Management

RFP 2020-02: Human Resources Consulting Services

Closed Procurements


RFP 2019-01: Water and Sewer Service Line Protection Program Provider

RFP 2019-02: Sanitary Sewer System Management Plan Year 12 Progress Evaluation

Invitation to Bid: Water Treatment Plant Caulking

RFP 2019-03: SCADA

RFP 2019-04: Redirect Outfall 003 from Falls Street Tunnel to Gorge Pump Station


RFP 2019-05: Workers Compensation, Liability, and Property Insurance Broker

MWBE/SVBOD Goals & Forms