A collection of the Niagara Falls Water Board’s plans, reports, and studies available to the public.


Review the Niagara Falls Water Board’s annual operations and maintenance budgets, as well as supplemental reports detailing personnel, expenses, and revenue. Learn More

Water Quality

The purpose of these water quality reports is to increase your understanding of the quality of our drinking water and to raise awareness of the need to protect our water sources. Learn More


The Niagara Falls Water Board meets on the third Thursday of every month. The meetings are held at the Water Board offices at 5815 Buffalo Ave. in Niagara Falls and are open to the public. Minutes from past meetings are available online. Learn More


These financial reports provide details of audits of the Niagara Falls Water Board’s net assets and related statements of revenues, expenses, and changes in assets and cash flow. Learn More

Other Reports

Review the Niagara Falls Water Board’s policies and procedures, as well as consolidated laws and bylaws, and proposed changes to the NFWB’s wastewater regulations. Learn More