The Niagara Falls Water Board provides water distribution and wastewater management services to the community by operating and maintaining:

  • 265 miles of active water mains
  • 270 miles of sewer lines
  • 9 miles of bedrock tunnels
  • 3 major pumping and treatment facilities


Through our water distribution operations, the Niagara Falls Water Board delivers clean, safe drinking water to the community that meets – or exceeds – all local, State, and Federal drinking water health standards. Learn More


The Niagara River is a precious resource and its downstream uses, including recreation, irrigation, and water supply, must be protected. Through our wastewater operations, the Niagara Falls Water Board ensures that wastewater is treated in accordance with local, State, and Federal regulations before it is released into the river. Learn More

Compliance & Inspections

The Niagara Falls Water Board’s Compliance & Inspections Division activities including sewer discharge permitting, sample collection, inspections, and monitoring of all industrial users. Learn More

Capital Improvements

The Niagara Falls Water Board invests millions of dollars every year into updating and upgrading the water distribution and wastewater infrastructure in Niagara Falls. Learn More