NFWB Board Members
Name: Term Ending: Appointed by:
Gretchen Leffler 12-31-15 NYS Governor
Colleen Larkin 12-31-18 NYS Senate
Renae Kimble 12-31-17 NYS Assembly
Nicholas Forster 12-31-19 NF City Council
Dan O’Callaghan – Chairman 12-31-19 NF Mayor


NFWB Authority Members
Name: Term Ending: Appointed by:
Jason Murgia – Chairman 12-31-13 NYS Assembly
Sanquin Starks – V. Chairman 12-31-17 NF Mayor
Daniel Weiss – Treasurer 12-31-18 NYS Senate


NFWB Staff — Main Phone: 716.283.9770
Executive Director
Rolfe Porter Executive Director x. 232
Leadership Team
 Jim Perry Director of Administrative Services x. 207
 Kendra Walker Director of Financial Services x. 253
Director of Infrastructure Operations x. 208
Director of Tech. and Reg. Services x. 227
Compliance & Inspections
Randall Burns Cross Connection Inspector x. 240
Joel Paradise Industrial Monitoring Coordinator x. 261
Distribution & Collection Maintenance
Supervisor x. 150
Foreman x. 106
Assistant Foreman x. 149
Environmental Lab
Kim Kargatis Chem/Lab Technical Director x. 105
Information Technology
Bill Milroy Systems Engineer x. 100
Meter Shop
Bob Reid Supervisor of Meters x. 224
Wastewater Maintenance
Planning & Resource Coordinator x. 164
Wastewater Operations
Joe LaGamba Chief Operator – Wastewater x. 128
Water Operations & Maintenance
O/M Manager – Water x. 203
Water Quality Lab
Pat Fama Microbiologist x. 205