NFWB Organizational Chart

Biographical Information for NFWB Board Members and Executive Staff

NFWB Board Members
Name: Term Ending: Appointed by:
Nicholas Forster Chairman 12-31-24 NF Mayor
Colleen Larkin – Vice Chair and Governance Committee Chair 12-31-19 NYS Senate
Michael J. Asklar – Treasurer, Finance and Audit Committee Chair 12-31-25 NF City Council
Renae Kimble 12-31-14 NYS Assembly
Richard Sirianni 12-31-27 NYS Governor

The terms to which some Board Members originally were appointed have ended.  Please note that pursuant to Public Authorities Law § 1230-e (2), “members shall continue to hold office until their successors are appointed and qualify.”

The Water Board’s Finance and Audit Committee and Governance Committee each are committees of the whole.  Matters before these committees generally will be scheduled for Water Board work session or regular meetings, and public notice will be given of Committee meetings.  For more information, go to our NFPWA page.

NFWB Authority Members
Name: Term Ending: Appointed by:
Jason Murgia – Chairperson 12-31-13 NYS Assembly
Daniel Weiss – Vice Chairperson 12-31-18 NYS Senate
Michael Monaco 12-31-20 NF Mayor


NFWB Staff — Main Phone: 716.283.9770
Executive Staff
Sean Costello Executive Director x. 7788
David Conti Operations Executive x. 7813
Michael Smith Director of Financial Services x. 7735
David San Lorenzo Director of Administrative Services x. 7780
Doug Williamson Director of Tech. and Reg. Services x. 7796
Compliance & Inspections
Randall Burns Cross Connection Inspector x. 7750
Maria Rocco Industrial Monitoring Coordinator x. 7804
Distribution & Collection Maintenance
Michael Eagler Chief of Outside Infrastructure x. 7798
Information Technology
Jon Joyce Systems Engineer x. 7767
Clayton Hotchkiss Systems Engineer x. 7810
Meter Shop
Bob Reid Supervisor of Meters x. 7755
Wastewater Operations
Dennis Kirkland Acting Chief Operator – Wastewater x. 7801
Water Operations 
Rob Rowe  Chief Operator – Water x. 7771
Water Quality Lab
Jordan Boyd Environmental Lab Director x. 7741